Hang Your Cloths is a one-stop shop for all your garment support needs. Our standard services are Dry Clean / Launder & Press, Wash & Fold, and Hang Dry.

We also offer Repairs, Leather Cleaning, and can handle most specialty items. One of our friendly Valets will pick up and deliver all of your items, so that you can enjoy some peace of mind and focus on more important things.

After laundering with the rest of your Wash & Fold, Hang Dry items will be hung up to dry in a climate-controlled environment and returned to you folded.

Our Hang Dry service is recommended for delicate and synthetics that should be air dried. Please note that Hang Dry is different from our Launder & Press service, which is typically provided by dry cleaners for items that are safe to launder, but you want returned pressed and hung. Hang Dry items are not pressed after drying, just folded, so they may be returned with wrinkles.

We recommend hang drying items that are most likely to shrink with any exposure to heat during the cleaning process. The types of fabrics that we recommend for Hang Dry are:



Delicates and undergarments (these should be placed in a mesh bag)

Note: Denim can be supportd for well via Hang Dry, but we recommend Launder & Press for the best support and presentation, although potential shrinking may be slightly greater (up to 2-3%).

Yes, we are able to clean leather. Although we do not Dry Clean leather, we do send the items to one of our speciality materials cleaning partners.


The reason we (and most other cleaners) do not Dry Clean leather is that it has natural oils that need to be preserved. Exposure to any heat (including dry cleaning) may desiccate the leather and can lead to cracking, color bleeding, and a general loss of the natural oils. We work with some of the best specialist master cleaners in the business to ensure we take support of your leather garments.

Pricing typically changes for each item, and depends on the type of garment. Some leather garments may require additional support, and in that case we will notify you if your leather garment will require an additional cost. If you’d like a specific quote, please email us at support@ and we will make a note on your account.

Although we may not be able to clean every type of item, we are happy to work with you on specific items to see if we can clean them, how long it may take, and what the estimated cost will be. The best way to start this process is to email support@ and let us know what type of item you are looking to clean.

Yes, we are happy to help you get rid of your wire hangers and our cleaning partners love re-using them! Just hand whatever hangers you want to recycle to your Valet when they come by and we’ll take them off your hands. Please do not put the hangers inside the garment bag with your clothes, as this can increase the risk of damage to your clothes occurring during transportation.

Our minimum order for Wash & Fold is AED 20, exclusive of delivery fees. We accept orders under the AED 20 minimum but those orders will be subject to a fee that reflects the difference. (In other words, you’ll pay a minimum of AED 20 per order, even if the cost of services is less than AED 20).The order minimum is waived if your order includes items in two or more of the following service types: (1) Dry Cleaning and Launder & Press, (2) Wash & Fold Per Pound Laundry, (3) Hang your cloths Repeat, (4) Hang Dry, (5) Leather Cleaning.

You can schedule your first Hang your cloths pickup on our website (www.hangyourcloths.com), or on our mobile app (available on iOS or Android). If you have any difficulties, feel free to email us at support@ – our team is always happy to help!

Easy! On the evening of your scheduled pickup, a Hang your cloths Valet will arrive between 8pm and 10pm. They’ll bring Cloths for Dry Clean / Launder & Press and Wash & Fold, which will all be tagged with your supportrmation. We also have a separate Hang Dry bag available upon request. We’ll work with one of our local cleaning partners to expertly clean your items, and your Valet will bring everything back to you on your confirmed delivery date.

Next day Wash & Fold is definitely available!

We offer 24-hour turnaround on Wash & Fold for an additional Rush Service fee of AED 5.00. You can ensure you receive your Wash & Fold back the next day by submitting a request via text message at “HANGYOURCLOTHS”, emailing support@, or by letting your Valet know upon your pickup. There is also an option to set a permanent preference for next day.

If you are not available during our delivery time, you can enable the Hang your cloths Drop settings on your account, which will allow you to designate where you would like your order to be left. Please note that we do require a Release of Liability in order to enable the Hang your cloths Drop settings on your account. In addition, while we do offer personals pickup and delivery options, we require that you be available for your first pickup so that we may go through the on boarding process with you.

If you opt to utilize Hang your cloths Drop for pickup or delivery, we ask you to consider that our Valet has access to a safe place to pick up and deliver your clothes. Typically, this means you can buzz us into your apartment building remotely or you can provide a door code, but every situation is different. If you don’t feel comfortable with your items or deliveries being left there, please don’t select it as your Hang your cloths Drop location!

The best way to tell your friends is to login to your account and visit our website www.hangyourcloths.com

We are thrilled that you have enjoyed your experience at Hang your cloths enough to share the love with your friends. On our share page you will be able to send your friends your custom referral link. You will receive AED 5.00 in Hang your cloths credit for each friend you get to sign up for Hang your cloths once they complete their first transaction with us. They will also have AED 5.00 in Hang your cloths credit to get started thanks to you!

We have found that the most effective ways to spread the word are by emailing your custom link directly to people you know who could benefit from some clean clothes and peace of mind, or to share more broadly on Facebook or Instagram.

We take great pride in providing high-quality cleaning for every garment you give us. We have developed several steps in our process to ensure that your clothes always receive the best support.

We rely on our experience: It takes experience to recognize a great cleaner.

We work with the best: We have a thorough vetting process and always make sure that our cleaning partners are well-managed, environmentally conscious, and follow industry best practices.

We provide constant feedback: We work closely with all of our cleaning partners and provide them with thorough, detailed, and actionable feedback to ensure that they deliver a consistently great product.

We have quality built into our internal process:  We have several additional processes outside of the cleaning process in place to ensure that your garments are inspected while they are in our support. No item can pass our “quality control” check and be returned to you without a member of our internal team reviewing it.

We’ll do what it takes to get everything right: We are confident that your items will receive the best quality cleaning possible. If you find a stain that has slipped through the cracks or your garment doesn’t meet our (or your) quality standards, please email support@ and we’ll provide a complimentary re-cleaning.

You can update your contact support information on your profile here, or on our mobile app (available on iOS and Android).

If you’ve forgotten your password, you can reset on our mobile app (available on iOS and Android).

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